15m wide marquees - go wider, not longer!

Marquees for 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 seated.

Introducing our new 15m (50ft) wide marquee available for hire in all areas.

Our clear span frame marquees start at 3m wide and increase in width in 3m, so you can have 6m wide, 9m wide, 12m and now New for 2015 we go to a whopping 15m (50ft) clear span width.

Traditionally before if you were having a wedding, corporate event or party marquee to accommodate any number over 200 you had to add extra sections to a smaller width marquee to accommodate your tables and chairs, which would end up making a very long tunnel which is totally unsuitable, leaving guests too far apart from each other and too far away from the bar area and entertainment area. Marquees as a rule of thumb shouldn’t be anymore than three times longer than the width otherwise it is far too long and thin and you get a tunnel effect.

D&D have invested in a new 15m wide span and are one of the only marquee hire companies in the midlands area and the UK to offer you such a structure.

The 15m wide clear span marquee increases in 3m modular sections and is perfect for any event where there is more than 200 seated and can easily accommodate anything up to 600 seated with space for a large dance floor and bar areas etc. The 15m width may also suit itself better to gardens where the a squarer shape can be installed.

The 15m wide is available with total vision walling and ceilings, clear gable ends, pleated linings, star cloth ceilings, lighting, wooden interlocking floors, carpets etc.

We hire out the 15m wide marquee in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Warwickshire, Cambridgeshire, Rutland, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, all the home counties, Birmingham and London areas, for weddings, corporate events and parties as well as trade stands etc, at very competitive prices.

Please use the below chart to give you a ball park idea of the size you would require:

15m Marquee Capacity Guide:

Seated (8/10 per table)

15m x 18m 240/300

15m x 21m 280/350

15m x 24m 320/400

15m x 27m 360/450

15m x 30m 400/500

15m x 33m 440/550

15m x 36m 480/600

15m x 39m 520/650

15m x 42m 560/700

15m x 45m 600/750

Above figures are for tables and chairs only and do not allow for bar areas, dance floor, band and DJ areas.

Please enquire at ddmarqueehire@aol.com or telephone 01604 821460 for prices/information.

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