Heating System - We recommend that you have a heating system as an insurance against bad weather at any time of year, but especially up to the end of May and any time after September.

The heaters are placed outside the marquee with clean warm air being ducted inside the structure. There is a thermostat inside the marquee so that you can set the desired temperature and then leave it for the evening. One less thing for you to worry about, and it will keep cutting in and out keeping the interior of the marquee at the desired temperature.

Another benefit is that the heater can be run on fan only, so if it is a very warm day you can run it to circulate air around the structure for cooling.
Marquee Accessories
Power Supply & Distribution - For smaller units it may be satisfactory just to run the power from your house or out building, but if required we can supply a sound proofed generator with 3 phase power. We will also supply a distribution board with all the necessary cabling and sockets. There will be enough power for your caterers and sockets spread around the marquee for other items such as DJ equipment.

Also including is the power supply for the toilet unit, heating system and outdoor lights to illuminate the entrance and toilet areas. Please call us for more information.

Toilet Units - D&D Marquee are happy to organise the toilet unit for you. Temporary toilet units can come in a huge range of different sizes and quality, depending on your budget. The most popular unit we supply for a wedding event is a quality trailer unit. Each of these units features gold taps and mirrors, air fresheners, hand towels soap and hand cream etc. The units are self contained and will not require mains or drainage. A 13 amp socket will be required for power supply.

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